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  • Mail: info@spotcaremaids.ae
  • Tel: 055 864 6009
  • Mail: info@spotcaremaids.ae

Our Services

We are Cleaning company in Dubai, Providing Professional Affordable and Effective Maid Cleaning Services. All our staff are professionally trained,friendly English speaking Filipinas.


After Party

You've had fun and enjoyed one of your best parties, now you don't need to worry about the mess after it, just relax and give us a call. You do not need to feel ashamed at the state of your house, we are here to help and will put the things in order. We will do the job anytime, any day. Our representatives will come and clean absolutely everything and will leave the property spotless and gleaming. We work in teams to achieve a high quality finish in a reasonable amount of time at an attractive price.

  • + Chef & serving assistants
  • + Dishwashing and glass cleaning
  • + Garbage disposal
  • + Clean & mop floors throughout